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Are you a Dabbler or a DOer?

Affordable Real Estate CoachI was talking with a friend of mine the other day named Russ. Russ is a great guy who I enjoy being with – he’s an Engineer that I used to work with and he is still in that profession and does ok financially, but he is struggling with the idea of doing that for another 20+ years. We talk about real estate all the time – he’s even gone with me to a couple of local seminars. He’s got a bookcase full of Real Estate Training books and programs.

But he has yet to take Action – I’ve even offered to help him rehab and sell a house that I found for him – he just wouldn’t pull the trigger.

He’s what I refer to as a Dabbler – he dabbles in different things, always looking for another great idea instead of acting on what he already knows – right next to his Real Estate bookcase is another bookcase with books on the stock market, commodity trading, sales (he thinks he could be good at sales, but he’s not willing to get out of his comfort zone and give it a try). His latest endeavor is Internet Marketing. He’s a great guy, but at this point maybe he just needs to focus on staying where he is comfortable and stop dabbling.

On the other hand, there is David – he’s a client from Indianapolis. David is a young guy who had a nice job when we met a little over a year ago. He had purchased and attended a few high-priced real estate courses, had done some marketing and talked to a some sellers and even had built a buyers list – but he hadn’t done any deals. He knew the right Real Estate Coach could help him, but he didn’t have the $10k he needed to participate in one of the BIG TIME coaching programs which is what he thought he needed to be successful.

David visited our website one day early last year and immediately saw the value that we offered – One-On-One Coaching at an affordable price – he knew what he needed to do, he just needed help developing his action plan and putting into place and taking the Daily, Consistent Actions necessary to be successful in this business – he also liked the idea of having someone give him a KICK in the behind occasionally to help him stay focused. He started the coaching program the next day.

Well, long story short, David quickly put the ideas we shared in place, he worked very hard and developed the consistency that I speak about regularly. He did his first deal about 5 weeks into the program. One year later David is successfully doing deals every month and working in real estate full-time.

So maybe Real Estate Investing isn’t going to be your thing – it’s not for everyone and it’s not as easy as many of the Gurus make it sound.

If you are going to be successful, you owe it to yourself to align yourself with someone that can help guide you. If you are an DOER – someone who is ready to roll up your sleeves and get to WORK – I’d love the chance to work with you – it’s what makes what I do so satisfying – working with DOERS.

Contact me today and let’s chat about how we might work together.


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