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Coaching Program Outline

Good morning!

Sounds like many of you are interested in our Real Estate Coaching program but wanted to get more information before committing the time and money. So we put together some add’l information to give you a better sense of what we are providing.

2 Important Points before we get to the outline –

1 – The program is really custom-designed around what your goals are, your previous experience with real estate is, and finally, what other training programs you’ve studied. If you already understand a particular topic, we can funnel in some add’l material from another part of the program that you want to study. Conversely, if you need more time on a particular area, since we are working One-On-One with just you, we can accommodate that as well (try getting that from similarly-priced group coaching programs).

2 – Your Real Estate Coach is  someone who is doing deals on a regular basis. This isn’t someone who used to do real estate investing and now focuses solely on training and coaching. That’s why we don’t (usually) do coaching in the morning, because that’s when we do our Real Estate Wholesaling activities. We block out time in the afternoon for coaching, but only after we have already completed a FULL DAY (well, 4 hours ;) ) of wholesaling houses.

We have spent over 20 years investing in and building our real estate business so we have done a lot during that time.  It would be difficult for you to find a more qualified person for you to Learn Real Estate from (and certainly not for the low price for our coaching program).

Our coaching program is a 16-week program designed to give you everything you need to get your wholesaling business up and running. Marketing, time management, virtual phone system, mailing systems, seller calls, buyer calls, structuring deals, closing deals, etc.

Here’s the outline of the entire 16 weeks:

Week 1 – Introduction to Program, Participant Goals, Marketing and Time Management tools introduced
Week 2 – Setting Up Your Website and Systems
Week 3 – Marketing Overview & Finding the Best Areas for Wholesaling
Week 4 – Cheap Marketing Options – Signs, Flyers, Driving for Dollars, Craigslist, Other Wholesalers Deals and more
Week 5 – Direct Mail Marketing for Sellers
Week 6 – Processing Calls and Follow-up
Week 7 – Talking with Sellers – The Property Information Sheet + LIVE SELLER CALLS
Week 8 – Talking with Sellers – Questions & Objections + LIVE SELLER CALLS
Week 9 – Talking with Sellers – Making the Offer + LIVE SELLER CALLS
Week 10 – Finding Cash Buyers
Week 11 – Getting Your Buyers in the House
Week 12 – Contracts & Getting to the Closing Table and Getting to the Bank!
Week 13 – Marketing 201 – Using Google & Youtube for Fun and PROFIT!
Week 14 – Hiring a Virtual Assistant
Week 15 – Training Your Virtual Assistant
Week 16 – Wrap Up – Making Your Real Estate Business and Not another JOB

In addition, here’s a video overview of the program by The Real Estate Coach.

Now, go flip a house!

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