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Today’s Video Tip – Using Direct Mail with 3 Critical Lists

Here’s our latest video on using Direct Mail Marketing with 3 Critical (and often overlooked) lists for identifying Motivated Sellers.

Let’s face it – if you have spent any money mailing to Absentee Owners in your Real Estate Wholesaling business, you know that you can spend a bundle on this from of Real Estate Marketing and still not get a deal – (ask us how we know ¬†ūüôā ¬† ) – the problem is that most Absentee Owners aren’t interested in selling. ¬†So, while we still mail to absentee owners because we have the budget that allows it, for many investors who are seeing the consistency in their Real Estate Investing business so they aren’t in a position to mail to absentee owners at a level to regularly close deals, we prepared this video that talks about 3 other lists that you should be mailing to – probate real estate, divorce, and evictions – these 3 lists are often much smaller, but often contain a higher percentage of people looking to see – IF you do pull and mail to them properly.

Be sure to watch this video from THE Real Estate Coach to learn how to pull these lists so you can add these 3 lists to your Real Estate Marketing program in your Virtual Wholesaling or traditional wholesaling business.

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