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Sign Hammer

Today’s topic is, obviously, Sign Hammer – which is without a doubt one of the 2 or 3 top tools in my real estate tool belt (and yes Laurie, I know, I must have a really big tool belt to hold this thing!) – well, I do…

Ok, first off – STOP STICKING SIGNS IN THE GROUND – HOW LONG DO THEY STAY UP – less than a week usually, and those metal stakes are a pain is the *&^&()&%$$#GJIY$, especially when it gets either cold or dry like it’s been in Cincinnati for about 20 years…

Get your signs up on TELEPHONE POLES* – I swear I have signs that have stayed up for 6 MONTHS – nothing better than driving by a sign I know I put up MONTHS ago and it is still there and I am still getting calls.

Ok, I know some of you say “but I can’t put them up very high and I don’t want to take a ladder along” – well, that’s where Sign Hammer comes in!

Would you rather do this:

Or this:

Either way, they’ll stay up a whole lot longer! (but I’d rather do the second)

On top of that, Sign Hammer is quick and easy. If you’re like me you want to get your signs up FAST and EASY so you not futzing (technical term) for 10 minutes getting the *^HKIY*IJH&&*(() things up… This baby is what you need.

BTW – you are putting up signs every week, aren’t you. If not, WE REALLY NEED TO TALK! As soon as I’m done here and return about 6 seller calls, it’s time to get my signs ready to hang tomorrow. So when you are cozy and warm in your bed tomorrow morning, think of me – up at 4 AM and out getting my signs up…


Ok, so go get a SIGN HAMMER and get some signs up!  And while you are waiting for it to arrive – be sure to check out this Video Tip on Getting Your First Deal Using Bandit Signs.

* ok legalese time – check with your local authorities to make sure this is ok in your area kids…

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