Affordable Real Estate Coaching - Designed to Get You to Take Action!

Affordable Real Estate Coaching

We made this little video a short while ago – but it still provides a great overview of our Real Estate Coaching Program.

Our Real Estate Coaching is a 16 Week Program, where we work together, One-On-One to help you develop and put to work the skills necessary to be successful in the Real Estate Investing Business.


Outline of our Real Estate Wholesaling Coaching Program

16 Steps Designed To Take Your Business to the NEXT LEVEL

Step 1  – Laying the Foundation:  Planning For SUCCESS
Step 2 – Setting Up Your Systems
Step 3 – Marketing Overview & Finding the Best Neighborhoods for Wholesaling
Step 4 – Marketing on a Budget – Getting Your First Deal Done When Your Funds Are Limited
Step 5 – Adding Fuel To Your Marketing – Direct Mail
Step 6 – Processing Your Calls So Nothing Slips Through the Cracks
Step 7 – Talking with Sellers – Gathering the Essential Data + LIVE SELLER CALLS
Step 8 – Talking with Sellers – Answering Questions & Overcoming Objections + LIVE SELLER CALLS
Step 9 – Talking with Sellers – Making the Offer That Makes Sense + LIVE SELLER CALLS
Step 10 – Finding Proven Buyers That Can Actually CLOSE
Step 11 – Getting Your Buyers In Quickly and Easily
Step 12 – Getting to the Closing Table and Getting to the Bank!
Step 13 – Marketing 201 – Taking Your Marketing to the Next Level
Step 14 – Outsourcing To Crank Up Your Results
Step 15 – Training Others to Handle Your BUSINESS
Step 16 – Making Your Real Estate a Business and Not another JOB

Real Estate Wholesaling Coaching ProgramAnd trust me – we cover a whole lot more – the great thing about the Affordable Real Estate Coaching program is that it is a Customized One-On-One program – so you get to ask the questions you want and we cover the topics you want. And with over 25 years in the real estate business that covers a lot of ground. So if you want to do more than just wholesale houses, we can cover that too!



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Real Estate Coaching

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