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You won’t be successful if you’re afraid to do this…

Real Estate Wholesaling is a business of Negotiating with Sellers.  We have to “sell” sellers, agents, heirs, landlords, etc. that our offers are the best solution for their real estate problem. Yes, they can wait months to get a higher offer, or make a bunch of repairs to get more. But in order to make offers that make sense for us, they are often low offers that initially puts off the seller. As a result, many of you are afraid to make calls to sellers because of the reaction you think you are going to get so you don’t give yourself the best chance to make money in real estate.

Negotiating with Sellers

Negotiating with Sellers

Why are you so afraid? As usual, my favorite sales training expert Grant Cardone has the answer in this video:


And this is why we spend so much time in The Affordable Real Estate Coaching Program working with you on making seller calls – so you overcome that fear and learn to excel at the #1 skill necessary for success in this business. We work with you One-On-One to IMPROVE YOUR SELLING SKILLS so you are no longer afraid to make the calls that are going to MAKE YOU MONEY in this business. We role-play together, we make seller calls together, we do what we need to so you overcome the fear of talking with sellers so you will MAKE MORE CALLS. It’s that simple – raise your skills to overcome the fear that is holding you back!

Affordable Real Estate Coaching

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Negotiating with Sellers

Talking with Sellers

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